Like the existing M.A. programs, the proposed new program requires nine upper-division courses, of which six must be graduate courses.  NE 200 (Bibliography and method) is also required.

Existing courses that may be taken in fulfillment of the proposed new M.A. program include:

Upper Division Courses
Anthropology M171P / History M108C. Culture Area of Maghrib (North Africa)
Arabic 102ABC. Intermediate Standard Arabic
Arabic 103ABC. Advanced Arabic
Arabic M110 / Comparative Literature M110.  Thousand and One Nights
Arabic 111ABC. Elementary Spoken Egyptian Arabic
Arabic 112ABC. Elementary Spoken Egyptian Arabic
Arabic 116ABC. Elementary Iraqi Arabic
Arabic 120. Islamic Texts
Arabic 141. Modern Arabic Literature
Arabic 142. Media Arabic
Arabic 181. Translating Arabic
Arabic 150.  Classical Arabic Literature in English
Arabic 151.  Modern Arabic Literature in English
Art History 104A.  Western Islamic Art
Art History 104B.  Eastern Islamic Art
Art History 104C.  Problems in Islamic Art
Comparative Literature 100.  Introduction to Comparative Literature: Histories, Theories, Practices, and Perspectives
History 105A-105B-105C.  Survey of Middle East from 500 to the Present
History 106A.  Premodern Islam
History 106B.  Religion and Society in Modern Middle East
History 111A-111B-111C. Topics in Middle Eastern History
Islamics 110.  Introduction to Islam
Islamics 130.  Shi‘a in Islamic History
Political Science 132A-M132B.  International Relations of Middle East
Political Science 157. Government and Politics of Middle East
Political Science 165.  Islam and Politics

Graduate Courses:
Anthropology 271: Contemporary Problems in Africa
Arabic 240. Arab Historians and Geographers
Arabic 250. Classical Arabic Literature
Arabic 251. Modern Arabic Literature
Art History 213.  Advanced Studies in Islamic Art
Art History C214.  Problems in Islamic Art
History 200J.  Advanced Historiography
Near Eastern Languages 200:  Bibliography and Method in Near Eastern Studies
Near Eastern Languages 201.  Study of Religion: Theory and Method
Political Science 245.  Middle Eastern Politics
Women’s Studies 285: Special Topics in Women’s Studies: Women in Conflict
Zones: War, Genocide, Occupation, and Revolutions

Proposed Courses:
The following courses have been proposed, and if approved, would also count toward the M.A. degree in Arabic:
Arabic:  Oral Literature From the Arab World
Arabic:  The Literature of Islamic Spain
Comparative Literature:  Modern Arab Literatures and Cultures
Comparative Literature:  The Literatures and Cultures of the Maghreb