PhD, Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago (2004)
MA, Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago (2000)
BA, Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies, Wheaton College (1996)


Director, The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project, 2007-Present.



  • Walled Up to Heaven book cover
    Walled Up to Heaven
    The Evolution of Middle Bronze Age Fortification Strategies in the Levant
    Eisenbrauns, 2008

Edited Volumes

  • Peilstöcker, Martin, and Aaron A. Burke (editors).2011. The History and Archaeology of Jaffa 1. The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project 1. Monumenta Archaeologica 26. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Los Angeles.
  • Peilstöcker, M.; Schefzyk, Jürgen; and Burke, Aaron A., eds. 2013 Jaffa: Tor zum Heiligen Land. Mainz: Nünnerich-Asmus.

Honors & Awards

G. E. Wright Award from American Schools of Oriental Research for best archaeological publication (2011)
Faculty Summer Research Program, UCLA (2010)
Jacob Kaplan Excavations Publication Initiative Vasa Cube Award ,2010. For teaching four Fiat-Lux Freshmen Seminars (2006–2010)
Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA (2007–2008)



  • Fiat Lux Seminar: Ancient Warfare, Modern Concerns (Ancient Near East 19)
  • Jerusalem the Holy City (Ancient Near East 10W)
  • First Civilizations (Ancient Near East/Middle Eastern Studies M50A)
  • Archaeology of Ancient Israel (Ancient Near East 162)


  • Archaeology of the Late Bronze Age Levant and Empire (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Ugarit (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of the Middle Bronze Age and the Amorites in the Levant (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of the Phoenicians (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Ceramics of the Levant (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Ebla and the Early Bronze Age (Ancient Near East 230)
  • History and Archaeology of Warfare in the Ancient Near East (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Problems in the Archaeology of the Iron Age Levant (Ancient Near East 230)


  • Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Core Faculty, Interdepartmental Archaeology Program
  • Center for Jewish Studies, UCLA, Affiliated Faculty
  • Center for Near Eastern Studies
  • Center for the Study of Religion, UCLA, Affiliated Faculty
  • International Institute
  • Urban Humanities Initiative