PhD, Egyptology and Assyriology, Brown University (2015)
MA departmental scholar, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA (2008)
BA imagna cum laude,  History, UCLA, (2008)


  • Role and growth of local “saints” in ancient Egypt
  • Imagination, communication, and maintenance of sacred space
  • Ancient Egyptian religion, with an emphasis on popular and local religion
  • Interactions between, and social networks of, the living and dead in ancient Egypt



  • “The Living Dead at Deir el-Medina” in A.Dorn and S. Polis (Eds.) Proceedings from the conference: Deir el-Medina and the Theban Necropolis: Describing the interactions within and outside the community of workmen. [Accepted; expected 2016]
  • Co-authored with Jen Thum. “Visitor as Researcher: Making Archaeology More Accessible with Broken and Unprovenienced Objects” in Advances in Archaeological Practice 4 (4) 2016: xx-xx.


  • Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt (Ancient Near East CM101A, Ancient Near East CM101B)
  • Ancient Egyptian Civilization (Ancient Near East M103A, Ancient Near East M103B)
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion (Ancient Near East M130/Religion M132)
  • Personal Piety in Ancient Egypt (Ancient Near East 220)
  • Daily Life in Ancient Egypt (Ancient Near East 220)