Levantine Studies

The Levant is a historically significant region situated by the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Desert. From the early onset of civilization during the Bronze Age to the current issues within and between nation-states, the Levant has been a focal point for human history. Being at the center for the development of agriculture and the crossroad between Asia, Africa, and Europe, the region has proved to be at the forefront of human development and the exchange of goods and ideas. Even now, current socio-political events in the region are topics of scholarly debate and research such as secularization, consumerism, globalization, and migration.

Levantine Studies at UCLA is one of the first of its kind in the world. Professors from different specializations bring together their knowledge of the region to provide a holistic depiction of the Levant and its past and current intricacies. Studies will gain critical insight into the geographical, social, and cultural settings throughout the Levant’s history and understand the local subcultures and identities that presently exist. Given the many topics covered by our faculty and the complexity of the region, students with diverse interests have a plethora of issues they wish to explore for their dissertation and any future research they may conduct. Students will graduate with the analytical tools, the regional proficiency, and the regional knowledge to excel in academia.