• Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA (in progress)
  • M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012
  • B.A. in History summa cum laude, Siberian Federal University, Russia (2009)


  • Studies of Religion
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Armenian Studies
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Studies of Religious Nationalism.



In English:

  • “Armenians in Saint Petersburg: Church Belonging as a Key Marker of Ethnic Identity,” in Armenian Christianity Today: Identity Politics and Popular Practices, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014

In Russian:

  • “‘Real’ and ‘Broken’ Armenians: Affiliation with the Armenian Apostolic Church as a Marker of Assimilation among Armenians in Saint Petersburg, Russia” in Armenia in the Dialogue of Civilizations, Proceedings of the International Symposium in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, 2011
  • “The Armenian Apostolic Church in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and its Role in the Maintenance of Ethnicity Among Armenians in the Krasnoyarsk Region” in the 75th Anniversary Compendium, Krasnoyarsk Region: The Past, Present and Future, Vol. 2, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2009

Honors & Awards

2019                                        Fulbright Hays

2018                                        Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

2017                                        Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, UCLA

2017                                        Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, UCLA

2016                                        Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, UCLA

2015                                        Summer Research Grant, UCLA

2015                                        Avedis and Arsen Sanjian Armenian Studies Fellowship, UCLA

2014-2017                               Armenian Studies Grant, Galoust Gulbenkian Foundation

2013                                        Opportunity Grant, EducationUSA, U.S. Department of State



  • Women and Power in the Ancient World
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion
  • Jerusalem: The Holy City
  • Race and Ethnicity in American Life
  • Holocaust in Films and Literature
  • Intro to Eurasia

American University of Armenia

  • Religion in America

Talks and Conference Presentations

  • October 2019 – Presentation “Conversion Practices in the Community of the Jehovah’s Witnesses” at the Central Asia Workshop, UCLA
  • April 2019 – Presentation “Jehovah’s Witnesses and Armenian State During the Post-Soviet Period” at the Armenian Seminar at UCLA
  • April 2017 – PresentationPolitics of Difference and Anti-Jehovah’s Witnesses Policies in Independent Armenia” at the workshop “The Contemporary Construction of Armenian Identity” at UCLA, Los Angeles, California
  • November 2016 – Presentation “Armenian Jehovah’s Witnesses in the U.S.: Nationalism in a Strictly Non-Nationalist Sect” at the conference “Armenians in America” by the Society for Armenian Studies, Boston, Massachusetts
  • October 2016 – Presentation “Jehovah’s Witnesses in Armenia: Nationalism in a Strictly Non-Religious Sect” at the conference “critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in the 21st Century: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Transformation” by the Hrant Dink Foundation, Turkey
  • September 2016 – Presentation “Armenians in St. Petersburg, Russia” at the conference “Armenian Diaspora and Russo-Armenian Relations: Past and Present” at the Moscow State University, Russia
  • March 2016 – Presentation “Jehovah’s Witnesses in Armenia: nationalism in a strictly non-nationalist sect” at the Graduate Student Workshop at the American University of Armenia, Yerevan
  • May 2015 – Presentation “Armenians in St. Petersburg, Russia, in post-Soviet Period” at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA
  • October 2013 – Presentation “Assyrians in Armenia: Maintaining Ethnic Identity through Religious Choice” at the conference “Religious Nationalism as Concept and Practice,” sponsored by European University at Saint Petersburg and Higher School of Economics, Russia
  • February 2013 – Presentation “Between Nation and Faith: Armenians in the Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Yerevan, Armenia” at the conference “Post-Atheism: Religion, Society and Culture in Post-Communist Eastern Europe and Eurasia,” Arizona State University, USA
  • April 2011 –  Presentation “‘Real’ and ‘Broken’ Armenians: Affiliation with the Armenian Apostolic Church as a Marker of Assimilation among Armenians in Saint Petersburg, Russia” at the conference “Armenia in the Dialogue of Civilizations,” Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia