PhD, Hebrew Bible and Northwest Semitics, UCLA (2007)
MA, Hebrew Bible and Northwest Semitics, UCLA (2003)


  • Inner-biblical Exegesis
  • Israelite Religions
  • Northwest Semitic Inscriptions



Articles, Essays and Book Chapters

  • “New Light on the Priestly Blessing in Ancient Judah,” Journal of Jewish Studies (forthcoming)
  • “May Yahweh Bless You and Keep You from Evil: The Rhetorical Argument of Ketef Hinnom Amulet I and the Form of the Prayers for Deliverance in the Psalms,” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 12 (2012): 202-236.
  • “Prayers of Petition” in the Psalms and West Semitic Inscribed Amulets: Efficacious Words in Metal and Prayers for Protection in Biblical Literature,” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 36/1 (2011): 75-92.
  • “Amuletic Inscriptions and the Background of YHWH as Guardian and Protector in Psalm 12,” Vetus Testamentum 60/3 (2010): 1–12. [web]
  • “Assyrian Siege Warfare and the Background of a Biblical Curse,” Writing and Reading Warfare: Rhetoric, Gender, and Ethics and Ancient and Modern Contexts (Society of Biblical Literature Symposium Series, 2009).
  • “Building Houses and Planting Vineyards: The Inner-biblical Discourse on an Ancient Israelite Wartime Curse,” Journal of Biblical Literature 127/1 (2008): 19–35.


  • Jerusalem, the Holy City (Ancient Near East 10W)
  • Visible Language: The Study of Writing (Near East M20)
  • Readings in Biblical Texts (Hebrew 120)
  • The Religions of Ancient Israel (Ancient Near East M135)
  • The Literary Traditions of Ancient Israel: Bible and Apocrypha (Jewish Studies 150A)
  • The Religions of the Ancient Near East (Ancient Near East M185)