Pre-Approved Courses

The following courses have been approved for the following majors and/or minors. These courses, unless otherwise stated, do NOT need to be petitioned. For a course that you want to petition not on this list, please visit our Course Petitions page for further instruction.

CourseTitleAN N EAArabicArmenianIranianIsrael StudiesJewishMiddle Eastern
AN N EA M110CIranian Civilization: History of Early Sasanian Empire -- From Ardashir I to Rise of Peroz (circa 224-459 C.E.)ElectiveElective
ANTHRO 126PPaleopathologyElective
ART HIST C160Art and EmpireElectiveElective
HIST 101Topics in World History: Making of Muslim GlobalizationElectiveElectiveElective
HIST 107AArmenian History: Armenia in Ancient and Medieval Times, 2nd Millennium B.C. to A.D. 11th CenturyElectiveElectiveElective
HIST 109BHistory of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1881 to PresentElectiveElectiveElective
HIST 129ASocial History of Spain and Portugal: Age of Silver in Spain and Portugal, 1479 to 1789Elective
HIST M184BHistory of Anti-SemitismElectiveElectiveElective
HIST 191LCapstone Seminar: History -- Jewish HistoryElectiveElectiveElectiveElective
I A STD 160Selected Topics in International and Area Studies;
**Depends on topic
INTL DV 110Economic Development and Culture ChangeElective
ISLM ST M111Introduction to Islamic ArchaeologyElectiveElective
MUSCLG 191GJunior Variable Topics Research Seminars: History of Music -- Other Topics
**Depends on topic
POL SCI 139Special Studies in International Relations
**Depends on topic
POL SCI 169Special Studies in Comparative Politics
**Depends on topic
POL SCI 191DIsrael's Conflict of Identities and Its Society’s Identity ConflictsElectiveElectiveElective
SOCIOL 191VVariable Topics Research Seminars: Sociology
**Depends on the topic