Teaching Assistantships and Academic Apprenticeships

All NELC PhD students will have the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant after spending at least one year in the program. Teaching assistantships are not automatically offered to students but are awarded on the basis of merit.

Teaching Assistantships are apprenticeships intended to provide qualified students with relevant training experience for academic and academic-related careers in teaching and research. Graduate students who are recipients of teaching and research assistantships must meet all registration and enrollment criteria established by the Graduate Council and the department. All appointees must also maintain satisfactory progress throughout their appointments.


In order to be eligible for an Academic Apprentice Position, a student must:

  • have no more than 12 quarters as a TA, and no more than 18 quarters total as a TA, GSR or Reader
  • have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • be enrolled in 12 units
  • have less than 50% aggregated appointments
  • be a U.S. citizen, a native-English speaker, or pass the Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP) in order to be a TA

If necessary:

  • Make arrangements to take the TOP through the Office of Instructional Development and validate their score.
  • File for an exception to the policies above to the Dean of the Graduate Division at least three weeks in advance of the hire date through the department Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

For additional information regarding Teaching Assistantships or other apprenticeship positions available in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, please contact the departmental SAO.

To TA any writing course in our department you must take English Composition (EngComp) 495E.

TA Application