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Jewish Studies. Armenian Studies. Egyptology. Assyriology. Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology. Biblical Studies. Arabic Studies. Turkish Studies. Coptic Studies. The Department of Near Eastern Language and Cultures brings all of these disparate cultural and linguistic studies together, both ancient and modern, into a vibrant interdisciplinary whole. In the NELC department, we make the past come alive.


We make cultural studies of the Middle East relevant to undergraduate students and the larger Los Angeles community, and in our graduate programs, we create the next generation of experts of the ancient and modern Middle Eastern region.

  • We train the next generation of Arabic speakers for diplomatic and state department careers. Help us do it right.

  • We train experts who document and study the world's vanishing cultural heritage. Help us to save it and learn what we can.

  • We make academic study of Armenia, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Iran meaningful to undergraduates and heritage learners. Help us to make study of Middle Eastern culture relevant.