Near Eastern Archaeology

Archaeology enriches our knowledge of past people and culture through artifacts and material culture. Near Eastern Archaeology narrows this endeavor by focusing on the study of the past peoples and cultures who resided in the Near East. Graduate students who choose to specialize in Near Eastern Archaeology will learn about the political, economic, and ideological landscape throughout the Near East as they relate to societal changes.

As one of the few departments in the country that offers a graduate program in Near Eastern Archaeology, the UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures boasts a broad spectrum of courses covering the archaeology of specific regions, topics, and methodological approaches. These courses are designed to give students rigorous training so as to prepare them for both academic and field work after they complete their degrees.

Graduate students in the program choose faculty advisors whose research interests align with their own. Faculty advisors work closely with their advisees to help them develop research topics, prepare for comprehensive exams, and provide career and funding advice. The department also works with students to identify fellowships that will allow them to conduct research and fieldwork abroad.

Graduates of this program have gone on to accept postdoctoral fellowships, positions in academia and museum, and field research positions.