Over 50% Employment Exception Request

In order for you to hold any appointment over 50% time, we will need to submit an exception to the dean’s office. Two memos will be required (1) dissertation advisor and (2) student requesting exception.

Student Memo Should Include:
  • Length of appointment
  • Title of Additional Appointment/ Course
  • Contact Person/Hiring Unit
  • Expected Graduation (MM/YY)
  • How these two appointments will not affect your time to degree
  • How the work you will be doing for the additional appointment will it benefit your dissertation research
  • Mention if you have had an over 50% appointment before, please include that information in the memo
  • Mention if you have been the TA for this course in the past

Dissertation Advisor Memo Should Include:

  • How this additional appointment will not affect student’s time-to-degree
  • Mention if they have served in this capacity in the past