• Course: Arabic M106/Religion M109: The Qurʾan

    Instructor: Behnam Sadeghi

    Description: Lecture, three hours. How Qurʾan as scripture shapes Muslim doctrine, rituals, and culture, and how throughout history Muslims have determined interpretations and applications of Qur’anic doctrines and prescriptions. Critical evaluation and analysis of contemporary discourses on Islam. Letter grading.

  • Course: Islamic Studies M110/Religion M109: Introduction to Islam

    Instructor: Asma Sayeed

    Description: Formerly numbered Islamics M110. Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour.

    Introduction to the basic doctrines, scripture, rituals, and history of Islam. Students will engage with reading and analysis of primary sources (including early Islamic Arabic scriptural, historical, and legal sources in translation). The course also introduces students to a range of contemporary issues including women’s rights, Qurʾanic interpretation, Sufism, and Islamic law.  Students will acquire background and analytical tools necessary to contextualize and understand Islam as it is presented in the public sphere.