• PhD, Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago (2004)
  • MA, Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago (2000)
  • BA, Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies, Wheaton College (1996)


  • Director, The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project, 2007-Present.



Edited Volumes

  • Peilstöcker, Martin, and Aaron A. Burke (editors).2011. The History and Archaeology of Jaffa 1. The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project 1. Monumenta Archaeologica 26. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Los Angeles.
  • Peilstöcker, M.; Schefzyk, Jürgen; and Burke, Aaron A., eds. 2013 Jaffa: Tor zum Heiligen Land. Mainz: Nünnerich-Asmus.

Honors & Awards

  • G. E. Wright Award from American Schools of Oriental Research for best archaeological publication (2011)
  • Faculty Summer Research Program, UCLA (2010)
  • Jacob Kaplan Excavations Publication Initiative Vasa Cube Award ,2010. For teaching four Fiat-Lux Freshmen Seminars (2006–2010)
  • Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA (2007–2008)



  • Fiat Lux Seminar: Ancient Warfare, Modern Concerns (Ancient Near East 19)
  • Jerusalem the Holy City (Ancient Near East 10W)
  • First Civilizations (Ancient Near East/Middle Eastern Studies M50A)
  • Archaeology of Ancient Israel (Ancient Near East 162)


  • Archaeology of the Late Bronze Age Levant and Empire (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Ugarit (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of the Middle Bronze Age and the Amorites in the Levant (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Archaeology of the Phoenicians (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Ceramics of the Levant (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Ebla and the Early Bronze Age (Ancient Near East 230)
  • History and Archaeology of Warfare in the Ancient Near East (Ancient Near East 230)
  • Problems in the Archaeology of the Iron Age Levant (Ancient Near East 230)


  • Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Core Faculty, Interdepartmental Archaeology Program
  • Center for Jewish Studies, UCLA, Affiliated Faculty
  • Center for Near Eastern Studies
  • Center for the Study of Religion, UCLA, Affiliated Faculty
  • International Institute
  • Urban Humanities Initiative