Christian Martyrdom in Armenia’s History and the Christian Martyrs during the Armenian Genocide


Instructor/TA, Philosophy Department, University of California, Los Angeles                       03/15 – 07/17

  • TA for Philosophy of Mind, Spring quarter of 2017                                                             04/17 – 06/17
  • TA for Political Philosophy in the Winter Quarter of 2017                                                   01/17 – 04/17
  • TA for Philosophy of Mind, Spring quarter of 2015                                                             03/15 – 06/15

Instructor/TA, International Affairs Institute, University of California, Los Angeles    09/16 – 12/16

  • Lecturer on topics of International Human Rights and Human Trafficking; Instructed 75 students, applied multidisciplinary approach to global issues; provided the tools for analyzing the cultures, social structures, polities, histories of developing countries.

Instructor/TA, Dept. of Slavic, East European, & Eurasia, UCLA                                            09/15 – 06/16

  • East Central Europe (ECE) 91: Led two discussion sections, 52 students, on social and cultural history of the ECE; expanding on lecture materials through quizzes, films, discussion questions, and analytical writing assignments.
  • Writing II requirement course in Russian Great Novels: Instruct 21 students in Russian literature from the “Golden Age” to the “Age of Realism.” Teach methods of academic writing with emphasis on analytical, critical writing and thesis construction.
  • Writing II requirement course in 20th Century Russian Civilization: Instructed 22 Students addressing their writing skills in the context of Russia’s history

Instructor/TA, Dept. of Germanic Languages, University of California, Los Angeles   01/15 – 03/15

  • Led discussion seminars for sixty-three undergraduate students, teaching and instructing on topics in World War II history, specifically, Holocaust and Genocide studies, through film and literature. Held tutorials and workshops to assist students in critical thinking and analytical writing skills.