PhD, Talmud and Rabbinics, Jewish Theological Seminary (2000)
MTS, Theology, Scripture and Interpretation, Harvard University (1992)
BA summa cum laude, English Literature and Philosophy, Boston College (1988)


  • Scriptural Interpretation
  • Ancient Judaism
  • Comparative Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)



Additional Books

  • Current Trends in the Study of Midrash, edited volume. (Leiden: EJ Brill, 2006).
  • Ishmael on the Border: Rabbinic Portrayals of the First Arab (New York: SUNY Press, 2006; recipient of Koret Foundation grant).
  • Judaism in its Hellenistic Context, edited volume (Leiden: EJ Brill, 2004).

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Honors & Awards

UCLA Faculty Research Grant, 2010
New Directions Mellon Fellowship (Visiting Fellow of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, 2006)
CrossCurrents Research Colloquium, Coolidge Fellow, Summer 2005
Koret Foundation publishing grant for Ishmael on the Border, 2004
UCLA Senate Grant, 2003-2005 and 2011-2012
UCLA Faculty Development Award, 2003
Ade Howe Kent Research Grant, 2000
Student Teacher Appreciation Award, 2000
Memorial Foundation Grant, 1998
Awarded the Lady Davis Fellowship, 1998
Jewish Theological Seminary Graduate Fellowship, 1992-93; 1995-98
Roberta C. Rudin Fellowship, 1994
Professor Saul Lieberman and Dr. Judith Berlin Lieberman Fellowship, 1993-95
Interuniversity Fellowship, 1994
Dorot Travel Grant, 1992, 1994
Charles and Ruth Samson Lefkowitz Award, 1993


  • Introduction to Judaism (Jewish Studies M10)
  • The Origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Ancient Near East/Middle Eastern Studies M50B, Religion M50)
  • History of Study of Religion (Religion 101)
  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A Comparative Approach (Religion 120)
  • Bible and Qur’an (Middle Eastern Studies/ Religion M133)
  • Scriptures and Their Interpreters (Jewish Studies/ Middle Eastern Studies/ Religion 177)
  • Religion and Modern Critical Thought (Religion 180)
  • Religion Major Capstone (Religion 191)
  • Study of Religion:Theory and Methods (Middle Eastern Studies 201)
  • Rabbinic Texts Hebrew and Aramaic (Hebrew 230)