PhD, Oriental Civilizations, The University of Chicago (1965)
MA, Philosophy, Fordham University (1961)
PhD, History, Catholic Universityof Milano (1959)


  • Political institutions and the growth of the state in ancient Siro-Mesopotamia
  • The religious experience in ancient Mesopotamia and its structural contrast with biblical religion
  • Ethnic integration in ancient Syro-Mesopotamia in the third and second millennium BC, with particular reference to Amorites and Hurrians
  • The archaeological and philological dimension of ancient historiography
  • Staging the Past.



  • Amorites of the Ur III Period
  • Cities and Nations of Ancient Syria
  • Terqa Excavation Reports
  • Structural Grammar of Babylonian
  • Mozan Excavation Reports

Honors & Awards

Archaeological Institute of America Best Practices in Site Preservation (2011)
UCLA Faculty Research Lecturer (1999)