• 2017  PhD –  UCLA (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • 2015 CPhil – UCLA (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • 2013 MA – UCLA (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • 2010 MAT – Fuller Theological Seminary
  • 2000 BA – USC (Cinematic Arts)


  • 2015-16   Lead Research Assistant –Sinai Palimpsests Project
  • 2011-12    Graduate Student Researcher for Dr. William Schniedewind


  • Jerusalem, the Holy City (AN N EA 10w)
  • The Emergence of Medicine (AN N EA 98T)
  • Introduction to Teaching Courses in the NELC Department (NR EAST 495)
  • First Civilizations (AN N EA 50A) TA
  • Introduction to Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam (AN N EA 50B) TA
  • Visible Language: The History of Writing (AN N EA M20) TA

Fields of Interest

  • Hebrew and Aramaic biblical traditions
  • Syriac Poetry and Literature; Early Christian Patristic Literature
  • Iron Age Mesopotamia: language, artifacts & inscriptions, literature, and history.
  • Ancient Near Eastern cult and ritual in the inscriptional and archaeological record: particularly sacrificial and funerary practices.
  • Philological studies, linguistic development and change.
  • Sociolinguistics: Linguistic impacts on social thought patterns as well as social impacts on languages.
  • Semitic and peripheral languages in the ancient Near East.
  • Mythologies of the Ancient Near East; Comparative mythology
  • Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinical Judaism, Early Christianity
  • Linguistic and cultural continuity of the ancient Near East with later epochs.
  • Ancient Near Eastern Liturgical Traditions:  Jewish, Syrian, Egyptian, Persian.