PhD, Iranian Studies with an emphasis on Judeo-Persian literature, UCLA (2004)
MA, Iranian Studies, UCLA (1999)
MA, English as a Second Language, Tehran University (1975)
BA, English, Tehran University (1965)



Articles, Essays and Book Chapters

Academic Publications and Presentations:

“The Process of Immigration to the United States and the Acculturation of Iranian Jews,” annual series, USC Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life, 2021 (23 pages), forthcoming.

“A Critique of Simantov Melamed’s the Life of Soul (Hayat al-Ruh),” Iran Namag, issue dedicated to Professor Ahmad Karimi Hakkak, Summer and Fall 2020.

“Voluntary Conversions of Iranian Jews in the Nineteenth Century,” Iran Namag, Spring/Summer 2019.

“Observations on the Epic Legacy in Judeo-Persian Poetry,” Irano Judaica ,Vol. VII. Jerusalem, 2019.

Abdol Hossein Sardari, Iranian Diplomat in Occupied France, During World War II, George Town University, April 26, 2019.

A Tribute to Morteza Neydavoud, UCLA. Moderator, April 23, 2019.

The Controversy of Mr. Shemuel Haim Iranian Jewish Deputy in the 5th Session of Majles, at Biennial Conference of Association of Iranian Studies, Irvine 2018.

Minutes of Zionist Organization of Iran, Alliance Center for Iranian Studies, International  Workshop, Tel Aviv University, June 2- 4 2018.

“Sarmad of Kashan: Jewish Saint, Persian Poet,” Iran Namag, a quarterly of Iranian Studies, Nahid Pirnazar, vol.1:3 (Fall 2016).

“An Introduction to the Cultural Heritage of Iranian Jews”, Iran Namag, a quarterly of Iranian Studies, guest editor of the Judeo-Persian issue, vol.1:2, 2016, 8-38.

“Incidents of Iranian History in Babai b. Lotf’s Ketab-e Anusi (The Book of Forced Converts) Iran Namag, a quarterly of Iranian Studies, guest editor of the Judeo-Persian Issue, vol.1:2, 2016, 106-124.

“Selections including Samples of Judeo-Persian Literature”,  Iran Namag, a quarterly of Iranian Studies, guest editor of the Judeo-Persian I issue, vol.1:2 ,2016, 127-150.

“The Image of Cyrus in Judeo-Persian Poetry,” to be published in the special edition of Iran  Namag on Cyrus the Great.

“Simantov Melamed, the Judeo Persian Writer and Poet”, presented at the International Society of Iranian Studies Biennial, Vienna, Austria, August 2016.

In Quest of Identity, Studies on the Persianate World, “The National Identity of Iranian Jews, as Manifested in their Intellectual & Judeo-Persian Contributions”, Iranian Studies University of Warsaw, Poland,Fall 2015.

“Zionism in Iran: A Historical Perspective, 1917–1979”, Iran Nameh, 29:3-4 (Fall/Winter 2014).

“Judeo-Persian Literature and Its Contribution to Iranian Identity”, conference on “Power of Identity”, Iranian Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland (April, 2013).

“Sarmad of Kashan: Jewish Saint:  Religions on the Silk Road”, presented to UCLA   program on Central Asia and the Center for the Study of Religion (February. 5, 2013.

“The Tapestry of Iranian Jewish Heritage: Reflection on Historical, Socio-cultural and Political Relations”, keynote speaker, Light and Shadows, The Story of Iranian Jews conference,  Fowler Museum (October, 2012).

“Zionism in Iran, A Socio-cultural Review on Iranian Jews in the Twentieth Century.”    Association of Jewish Libraries (June, 2012).

“Zionism in Iran,” Amuzegar Chair Conference, UCLA, NELC (April, 2011).

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“In Memory of Professor Hossein Ziai, 1944-2011” (Persian), Irannameh, a Persian        Quarterly of      Iranian Studies, 26: 3-4 (fall 2011).

“Dual Identity of Iranian Jews: Reflections on Historical, Socio-Cultural and Political                  Relations.” Tel Aviv University, Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv (January, 2011).

 Encyclopedia on Jews in the Islamic World, S.V.

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Encyclopedia Iranica, SV.

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“The Concepts of Holy War and Divine Justice as Interpreted in the Judeo-Persian Book of Conquest”, Irano-Judaica VII International Conference, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, October, 2010.

“The Intricate Tapestry of Iranian Jewry,” International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Los Angeles, July 2010.

Women of Shahnameh,” Society of Iranian Studies, Los Angeles, May 2010.

“The Religious Account of Josef, as Reflected in Judeo-Persian Literature,” Society of Iranian Studies, Los Angeles, May, 2010. (Work in Process).

“The Religious Identity of Iranian Jews in Post Islamic Revolution Era in the United States.” Presented at American Jewish Studies Seminar, Los Angeles, California, January 2010.

“Voluntary Religious Conversion of Iranian Jews in the Nineteenth Century.” Presented at Iranian Jewry: From Past to Present, November 1-3, 2008. International Conference Sponsored by University of Maryland: Center for Jewish Studies, Center for Persian Studies; Library of Congress, Washington DC, The Hebraic Section and Near East Section. (Work in Process).

“The Religious Account of Joseph and Its Poetic Adaptations by Shahin and Jami.”  Presented at “The Jews of Iran: Aspects of History, Community and Culture,” Tel Aviv University, June 4,      2008.

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AThe Biblical Epic of Fatḥānāmeh and It=s Place in the Iranian Literary Traditions.@

Presented at the Fifth Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies. Bethesda, MD: May 2004.

Judeo-Persian Literature, the Interaction of Iranian and Judaic Concepts: AFarreh@ and Aprovidence.@ Presented at the Fourth Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies. Bethesda, MD: May 2002. Published in Iranshenassi, a quarterly academic journal, in Persian on Iranian Studies. 15th year, vol. 1 (spring 2003).

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Honors & Awards

Iranian Jewish Women’s Organization (2021)
Beverly Hills, California.

Recognition Award for: Humanitarian Services, leadership & enhancing the image.
of Iranian Women

Habib Levy Cultural Foundation (Los Angeles, Ca.)

Appreciation Awards for: Leadership in Academic Affairs Executive Leadership (2000)

Farhang Foundation (2011)
Serving as the Founding Secretary (2008-2010).

Iranian Ministry of Higher Education (Tehran, Iran)
Highest Academic Achievement Award presented by the late Shah of Iran (1976)

American Field Service (New York, N.Y.)
International Scholarships Award (1961, 1962)


  • Introduction to Judeo-Persian: Literature and Culture (Iranian 131)
  • Introduction to History and Culture of Iranian Jews (Jewish Studies 177/ Iranian Studies 187/History 111C)