PhD, Iranian Studies with an emphasis on Judeo-Persian literature, UCLA (2004)
MA, Iranian Studies, UCLA (1999)
MA, English as a Second Language, Tehran University (1975)
BA, English, Tehran University (1965)



Articles, Essays and Book Chapters

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  • “Zionism in Iran,” Amuzegar Chair Conference, UCLA, NELC, Spring 2011.(Work in Progress).
  • Encyclopedia on Jews in the Islamic World, S.V. 1) “Kirmanshah,” 2) “Tehran,” 3) “Sāzmān-i Bānovān-i Yahudī-yi Irānī (Iranian Jewish Women’s Organization),” 4) “Fathnameh,” 2010; “Amonon Netzer,” 2012.
  • Encyclopedia Iranica, SV. 1) “Habib Levy,” 2) “Morad Aryeh,” 2011.
  • “Voluntary Religious Conversion of Iranian Jews in the Nineteenth Century.” Presented at Iranian Jewry: From Past to Present, November 1-3, 2008. International Conference Sponsored by, University of Maryland: Center for Jewish Studies, Center for Persian Studies; Library of Congress, Washington DC, The Hebraic Section and Near East Section. (Work in Process).
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  • Introduction to Judeo-Persian: Literature and Culture (Iranian 131)
  • Introduction to History and Culture of Iranian Jews (Jewish Studies 177/ Iranian Studies 187/History 111C)