PhD, University of California, Los Angeles (1980)
MA, University of California, Los Angeles (1969)
BA, Haverford College (1955)


  • Turkish Language and Literature; Classical Turkic Languages and Literatures (Ottoman and Chagatay)
  • Development of instructional materials for teaching Turkish language and culture
  • Development of materials for assessing proficiency in the Turkish language
  • Turkish lexicography




  • “The Graphic Novel in the Turkish-as-a-Foreign Language [TFL] Classroom and Beyond: An Experiment in Adapting and Using a Turkish Graphic Novel As a Language Teaching Tool,” American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages Bulletin 29-30. (Spring and Fall 2003)
  • “Teaching Grammar in Context as Part of an Intensive In-Class Study of a Brief Text,” American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages Newsletter 18 (Fall 1996)
  • “Grönbech’s Turkish Structure: A Chapter in the history of comparative Linguistics,” Ural-Altaische Jahrbücher, 57, 59-78. (1985)
  • “Recently discovered notes by Eckmann for his ‘Middle Turkic glosses of the Rylands Interlinear Koran Translation’”. Ural-Altaische Jahrbücher, 53. 76-87. (1981)


  • Dukaginzade Taşlıcalı Yahya Bey’s “King and Beggar”: A Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Allegorical-Mystical Love Poem (Mesnevi). Introduction, Text in Transcription (Text edition based on 8 manuscripts and one printed edition), and Translation [Volumes I and II]., ProQuest® Dissertation and Thesis Database, 41, 257A. [University Microfilms International, No. 8015990]

Honors & Awards

  • 2005 Middle East Studies Association Mentoring Award