• PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA (2018)
  •  B.A. History, UCLA
  •  J.D., Harvard University


  • Jewish Studies
  • Rabbinics
  • Jewish Medieval Biblical Exegesis



  • “All Is Vanity: Orlando and Ecclesiastes” PAMLA Conference, Portland, November 2015
  • “Outsmarting God: Egyptian Slavery and the Tower of Babel,” The Jewish Bible Quarterly, Vol. 41:3, 2013
  • “Noah and the Dove: The Integral Connection Between Noah and Jonah,” The Jewish Bible Quarterly, Vol. 40:4, 2012


  • Jewish Studies 10 – The Social, Religious and Cultural Institutions of Judaism (TA)
  • Ancient Neart East 10W – Jerusalem the Holy City (TA)
  • Ancient Near East 50B – Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (TA)
  • Middle East Studies 50C – Modern Middle East (TA)