Ancient Near East & Egyptology

Offering degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the study of the Ancient Near East and Egyptology, the UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures strives to provide its students with a comprehensive education in a field that is extremely rich in culture and history. Encompassing the study of early civilizations that inhabited the region that roughly corresponds to the modern Middle East, the field of Ancient Near East and Egyptology is one that is interdisciplinary and includes the study of the art and archaeology, history, language, literature, and religion relevant to that region. The department offers an array of courses from these disciplines from which students can choose to study.

Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, students are encouraged to develop original scholarship in the field by taking advantage of the many research opportunities offered by the university. The department boasts a faculty of world-renowned scholars in every subfield of Ancient Near East and Egyptology (i.e. Levant Studies, Near Eastern Archeology, Egyptian Art and Architecture, Assyriology, Sumerology, Hebrew Bible, Semetics) who are dedicated not only to their research, but also to teaching and mentoring students. Many undergraduate and graduate students in the department work closely with faculty to develop research topics, which they develop into articles and conference papers.

Students working on degrees in this field develop their analytical, writing, language, and problem solving skills and often establish careers in areas such as museum and non-profit work, higher education, and research.