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EVENT CANCELED: The Cenotaph of Harwa: Mystery Religions, Resurrection and Renaissance in an Amazing Monument in the Egypt of the Late 8th Century BC

April 9, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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The Italian Archaeological Mission to Luxor works in the Funerary Complex of Harwa (TT 37) and Akhamunru (TT 404) since 1996. With its 4000 square meters of extension the Cenotaph of the Great Majordomo of the God-Wife Harwa (7th Century BC) is one of the largest monuments ever built by an official in ancient Egypt. Its amazing and fine decoration is inspired to an archaizing style with innovative tendencies that make the cenotaph a masterpiece of the cultural movement known as “25th Dynasty Renaissance”. Furthermore texts and images are disposed to trace a virtual journey through the monument that describes the human existence from life through death until the ultimate experience of Resurrection. Some of the ideas expressed by the “Journey of Harwa” remind and anticipate peculiar features of Greek Mystery religions.

Francesco Tiradritti is an Egyptologist, journalist and screenwriter. He taught Egyptology in the University of Enna, Naples, Foggia and TUrin, and has served as the Dorothy K. Hohenberg Chair of Excellence at the University of Memphis and Scholar at the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles. He is director of the Italian Archaeological Mission to Luxor since 1995, and worked as consultant Egyptologist at the Archaeological Collections of Milano, organizing twenty-one exhibitions. He is now working for the exhibition “Tutankhamon: The Real Experience” (Prague, Milano 2019-2020). He is author of Egyptian Wall Painting” (2008) and “Ancient Egypt: Art, Architecture, and History” (2002) and editor of “Egyptian Treasures of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo” (1999).



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April 9, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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