Migrating the Hebrew E-Workbook’s Audio files to Kaltura

Published: April 26, 2016

For the first time, the Hebrew E-Workbook offers a full year of systematic and intensive online teaching and practice of Hebrew grammar for students of Hebrew as a foreign language . With its 200 online assignments, the E-Workbook, which I authored and designed for my Elementary Hebrew classes (Hebrew 1ABC) in 2008, has dramatically improved student learning outside the classroom. Equipped with automated grading, the Hebrew E-Workbook provides immediate, individualized feedback and an incentive for students to make unlimited attempts at each assignment until they get a perfect score. In 2011, I added an audio component to the E-Workbook, and for the last four years, students have been able to listen to every utterance, sentence, and vocabulary word included in the E-Workbook—about 25,000 audio files in total. The audio playbacks enhance students’ pronunciation, comprehension, memory, reading, and language production. They both accelerate language acquisition outside the classroom and free more time in class for strengthening and facilitating meaningful communication.

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