The minor in Israel Studies is designed for students interested in adding to their major a particular focus on Israel. Comprising of coursework that serves to create a broad introductory foundation of familiarity with Israeli history, society, politics, and culture, the minor might be appropriate for students from a wide range of majors, including, but not limited to, History, Political Science, Art, Study of Religion, Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and more.

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  • Israel Studies (minor)

    To enter the minor, students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better.

    Required Lower Division Courses (2 courses):

    • Ancient Near East 10W (Jerusalem: Holy City), 12W (Jerusalem: Holy City)
    • Jewish Studies M10 (Introduction to Judaism)
    • Middle Eastern Studies M50A (First Civilizations), M50B (Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), M50CW (Making and Studying Modern Middle East)

    Required Upper-Division Courses (5 courses):

    • Jewish Studies M142 (Modern Israel: Politics, Society, and Culture)
    • Jewish Studies M144 (Zionism: Ideology and Practice in Making of Jewish State)

    And, three courses from at least two of the following categories:

    • Language: Arabic 102A/B/C, 103A/B/C, Hebrew 102A/B/C, 103A/B/C, 110A/B/C, 111A, 112
    • Literature, Arts, and Culture: Arabic 120, M123, 130, M148; Hebrew M113, C140; Jewish Studies M150A, 150B, 151B, M162, 175; Middle Eastern Studies C122
    • Politics: Political Science 120B, 132A, M132B, 157
    • Regional and Historical Setting: History 105A/B/C; Study of Religion 110, 120

    A maximum of 4 graded units of special studies courses (197, 198, or 199) approved by the department may be applied towards the minor. A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

    Each minor course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better in the minor. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.