NELC Students Speak at Society of Biblical Literature Pacific Coast Regional Meeting

Published: March 16, 2018

On Sunday, March 11 2018, a handful of our very own NELC students made their way to Hope International University in Fullerton, CA for the Society of Biblical Literature Pacific Coast Regional Meeting. Put on by the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), this conference included presentations of various biblical topics, ranging from Judaism in the Greco Roman Era to the Bible and the Ancient Near East.  NELC lecturer Jeremy Smoak is a member at large of the 2018 Executive Committee of this annual event. NELC graduate students Tim HogueRosanna Lu, Jason PriceMegan Remington, Aaron Samuels, and Elizabeth VanDyke not only attended, but presented at this conference. Hogue spoke about the “Return from Exile: Diglossia and Literary Code-Switching in Ezra 1 — 7” in the Hebrew Bible. Under the topic of The Bible and the Ancient Near East, Price presented on “The Smashed Tablets as Mutilated Cultic Objects in Exodus”,  VanDyke provided insight on “Designing the Golden Calf: The Human Assumption of a Divine Prerogative”, and Lu spoke on “The Language of the Deep: Legitimizing Power through Conflict”.  Remington spoke about “Liminal Space and the Agency of Writing in the Burial of Incantation Vessels,” and Samuels discussed “The Early Rabbinic Re-ritualizing of the Ancient Israelite Adultery Ordeal,” both speaking under the pillar of Judaism in the Greco-Roman Era. Congratulations to our NELC faculty and graduate students on their academic and professional success!

See details on the event HERE!