Assyriology Resources

  • Gelb Memorial Library

    Located in Kaplan Hall, Room 367, the Gelb Memorial Library represents easily the most significant collection of Assyriological publications west of the the University of Chicago. With over 3000 monographs and an offprint collection of 10,000 articles, the collection fulfills one of NELC’s primary goals in making accessible to its own faculty and students the extraordinary resources of Assyriological research.

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  • Armenian Research Center

    Founded on just over 200 beautiful acres of the original Henry Ford Estate, UM-Dearborn was forged in a community of working people with the global economy in mind.

    We offer a transformative education reflective of University of Michigan acclaim and rooted in an ongoing commitment to transform metropolitan Detroit. Since our inception, we have set ourselves apart in higher education through intentional, meaningful engagement with local industry, government and nonprofits.

    UM-Dearborn is rich in opportunities for independent and collaborative research, integrated learning and civic engagement. We are responsive to the changing needs of our diverse student body, the world in which they live and work, ever-advancing technologies, and a knowledge-based, global economy.

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  • Armenian, Assyrian and Turkish Library Guides


    This guide serves as a portal for resources for Middle Eastern, Armenian and Central Asian Studies. It contains links to a wide variety of e-resources, including reference sources like online encyclopedias and bibliographies; databases and indexes; e-book and journal collections; and news, cultural, and governmental sites.

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