Hebrew Bible Resources

  • UCLA Center for Jewish Studies

    Phone: 310-825-5387

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies, one of the most active centers of its kind in the nation. The Center has 30 affiliated faculty from twelve disciplines, offering nearly 70 undergraduate and graduate courses in Jewish studies annually, enrolling more than 2,000 students. We are very pleased to be able to touch so many lives by bringing the riches and diversity of the Jewish tradition to new generations of students for these twenty two years.

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  • Judaism and Jewish Resources

    Hebrew and Jewish Resources

    The Internet is rich with Jewish resources. This page shows you the gates to these resources, so that you may go in and explore. This web page is twenty years old. Here’s what it looked like on 29 November, 1993. See more about my page for historical info. The latest version of this page may be found at: http://shamash.org/trb/judaism.html.

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  • Jewishnet

    Hebrew and Jewish Resource Page

    Judaica Europeana is a network of archives, libraries and museums working together to integrate access to the most important collections of European Jewish heritage and make them discoverable to more people.

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  • Babylonian (Iraqi) Jewry Heritage Center

    Hebrew and Jewish Resource Page Phone: 03-5339278

    The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center was established in 1973 to preserve the history of the Jewish community in Iraq and to ensure that it remains part of the future narrative of the Jewish nation. To this end, the Center fosters research, preservation and publication of the culture and folklore of Iraqi Jewry.

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  • Center for the Study of Religion

    Research Center Phone: 310-206-8799

    The UCLA Center for the Study of Religion coordinates and promotes the academic study of religion at the University for members of the campus community as well as for a wider public. In addition to housing an undergraduate major, the Center sponsors seminars, lectures, and conferences as well as films and artistic performances that explore the role of religious ideas, practices and institutions within human societies, both historical and contemporary and throughout the regions of the world.

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  • Center for Medieval And Renaissance Studies

    Research Center Phone: 310-825-1880

    The UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) supports interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies of the period from Late Antiquity to the middle of the seventeenth century through a program of lectures, seminars, conferences, and fellowships for visiting professors, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and researchers.  Additionally, we publish the academic journals Viator and Comitatus as well as a book series called Cursor Mundi.

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  • Center for Jewish Studies

    Research Center Phone: 310-825-5387

    The UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies is dedicated to advancing scholarship in all areas of Jewish culture and history, educating the next generation about the role of Judaism in world civilization, and serving as an exceptional public resource for Jewish life and learning.

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  • Center for Digital Humanities

    Research Center Phone: 310-206-1414

    The UCLA Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is a research, teaching and technology unit leading innovations that span the humanities, arts, social sciences, information studies, and computational sciences. CDH is a physical space for exploration and experimentation as well as a virtual space for networking and sharing.  It is composed of a community of scholars, students, and practitioners who come together to design, create, experiment, innovate, and disseminate new knowledge in the digital age.

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  • Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies

    Research Center Phone: 310-206-8552

    The Center, which administers the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in West Adams, supports research related to the seventeenth and long-eighteenth centuries as well as Oscar Wilde and the fin-de-siècle aesthetics movement. Through its robust program of fellowships, conferences, and institutes, the Center serves as a forum for students, professors, and http://nelc.ucla.edu/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=resourcesindependent scholars to collaborate and commune.

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  • Virtual Qumram

    Digital Project

    Virtual reality model on the site of the Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. One of the many projects of UCLA’s Experiential Technologies Center. 

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