Iranian Resources

  • The UCLA Archaeological Gazetteer of Iran

    The Archaeological Gazetteer of Iran is a research tool for scholars in all branches of humanities, including anthropology, art history, and history, but more specifically for those working on the archaeology of Iran and the ancient Near East. The Gazetteer is a free, open access resource and will be hosted and maintained by Pourdavoud Center for the Study of the Iranian World at the University of California, Los Angeles, which will ensure its up-to-date, long-term use and availability.

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  • Sasanian Epigraphic Collection


    The Sasanian Epigraphic Collection represents the only complete holding of Sasanian royal and private inscriptions dating back to the third and fourth century C.E. The Silicone imprints, supplemented by digitized photographs made from the inscriptions in situ, are being currently used towards the preparation of a new comprehensive critical edition of the Sasanian epigraphic corpus. More importantly, they will provide a unique tool for our qualified under- and graduate students to deepen their philological training by gaining first hand knowledge of paleography.

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  • The Minasian Collection


    The Minasian Collection of Persian and Arabic manuscripts consists of works related to the studies of theologians and scholars in centers of learning in Iran from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. The manuscripts, which include both bound collections and single works, chiefly date from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries, and shed light on the social, religious, and political history of Iran and Shī’īsm.

    For additional details, refer to the Minasian Collection at UCLA Library Digital Collection.

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