Turkic Resources

  • Turkish Tutor

    Turkish Resource Page Phone: 310-825-1181

    Turkish Tutor consists of interactive lessons with one or more scenes in which you watch short video clips from a popular Turkish TV show Bizimkiler and listen to audio clips of dialogue and vocabulary. You can test your listening comprehension with exercises in English and Turkish that are linked to each scene, as well as other types of exercises that cover the lesson as a whole. We recommend that you check the Instructions page, as it provides you with a strategy for getting the most out of the lessons. Before you begin the lessons, find out more about the Turkish TV show and the characters that appear in the clips on About “Bizimkiler” page. To navigate through lessons and more info, use the main menu on the left and click on the lessons or other menu buttons.

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  • Forum for Central Asian Studies (Harvard)

    Turkish Resource Page Phone: 617-496-2643

    What is Central Eurasian Studies World Wide?

    A Road Map for Central Eurasian Studies throughout the World: Central Eurasian Studies World Wide» gives a broad perspective on what is being done in all disciplines and all countries. A Wealth of Information: Behind the “Front Page” of Central Eurasian Studies World Wide, there are many hundreds of pages of information — now, about 7MB of data and steadily growing accessible to anyone anywhere. A Network of Related Information Resources: Central Eurasian Studies World Wide is not only a website, but an integrated network of information gathering and distributing functions, including list servers such as the Central-Eurasia-L Announcement List for Central Eurasian Studies, and the reference publications such as the Guide to Scholarly Resources for the study of Central Asia.

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  • Turkish Media on the Web

    Turkish Resource Page

    All meeting here; fans with celebrities, community with media, expert with fancier. You can follow their social media shares from one page or you can instantly informed for live broadcast of all celebrities, experts, journalists and authors from your smart phone and website more.

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  • The Institute of Turkish Studies. Washington, D.C.

    Turkish Resource Page Phone: (202) 687-0292

    Founded and incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1982, the Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) is the only non-profit, private educational foundation in the United States exclusively dedicated to the support and development of Turkish Studies in American higher education. The Institute is an independent, tax exempt organization and does not seek to influence legislation nor advocate particular policies or agendas. ITS currently benefits from the location of its offices at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service on the campus of Georgetown University, the oldest and largest school of international affairs in the country.

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  • Armenian, Assyrian and Turkish Library Guides


    This guide serves as a portal for resources for Middle Eastern, Armenian and Central Asian Studies. It contains links to a wide variety of e-resources, including reference sources like online encyclopedias and bibliographies; databases and indexes; e-book and journal collections; and news, cultural, and governmental sites.

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