$3.1 Million of New Funding for 150 Faculty and Graduate Student Projects on Global Religion

Published: August 8, 2016

Capture3 CNES is writing to draw your attention to a new source of funding for individual faculty and graduate students whose work in the social sciences focuses on the study of religions of the Middle East. The funding is available for:

· Dissertation fellowships
· Postdoctoral research
· Curriculum development
· International collaboration
· Project launch
· Book leave

The details about the fellowship follow below and in the attachment. Here we include a quick summary for your information:

About the Global Religion Research Initiative from Notre Dame
Deadline Oct 17 for funding a project in the 20017=18 academic year
For social science research on contemporary religions in the “global south”, i.e. not the U.S., Canada, or Western Europe.
“Social sciences” here includes sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, and psychology; research in religious studies departments are eligible if their methodologies are fundamentally social scientific. Prospective applicants in other departments (e.g., areas studies) should inquire with GRRI staff about their possible eligibility (at grri@nd.edu).”
To broaden the current study of religion beyond the North American and European contexts to the global study of religion, allowing for a more thorough understanding of the role of religion in the lives of individuals and societies worldwide.
Six categories of grants:
1. Dissertation Fellowship
Award: One year, $23000 salary plus $5000 travel money
2. Postdoctoral research
Award: Two-year research residence at Notre Dame. Includes teaching responsibilities. $48,000 a year.
3. Course development grant (for college-level courses)
Award: $4000 for summer salary and purchasing materials
4. Book leave grant
Award: $70,000 for full reduction of teaching and committee responsibilities
5. Project launch grant
Award: $8000-12000 seed money to explore and launch a research project, to be used for research travel, data collection, coding, analysis, the purchase of research materials.
6. International cooperation grant
Award: up to $25000 for transportation, lodging, communications, meeting expenses, data collection and analysis, the purchase of research materials, and other collaborative research costs.
We hope this information is of use as you evaluate this new funding opportunity.