This summer, join us in Los Angeles for an exciting 8-week introduction to the study of ancient Egypt. The course will cover all aspects of this fascinating culture, from the language and hieroglyphic writing system to Egyptian religion, art, and history, with a special focus on the role that race has played in the study of this ancient African culture. Throughout the summer, we’ll also explore the vibrant connections between ancient Egyptian culture and modern African American communities that appear in art, music, literature, and many other aspects of popular culture. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Rihanna’s tattoos, the Afrofuturism of Sun Ra, or the Egyptian-inspired bodysuits in Beyonce’s Homecoming, then consider spending your summer with us at UCLA!

Another great benefit of the program are the connections you will make to the wonderfully complex, diverse, and constantly surprising city of Los Angeles. On Fridays and during the weekends, you will get to explore the city and take part in various activities including tours of the Getty Villa and Getty Center museums, a trip to LACMA, hikes to the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, a visit to the Saint Shenouda Coptic Center, a night of Egyptian music played by the musician and food, a trip (or trips) to the beach, and “Egyptomania” movie nights. The city of Los Angeles is at your disposal!

The ultimate goal of the program is to introduce you to Egyptology and the various career options that you might pursue within the field. Because of this, we’ll also focus on the various aspects of applying to a graduate degree in the field. You will also, however, get an overview of all fields we study in our department and that you may choose to study alongside or instead of Egyptology. These include programs such as Arabic, Assyriology, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Near Eastern Archaeology. Introductions to each of these fields will be given by other professors in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, leading experts in each of their fields. They’ll be around to answer questions about graduate school in whatever field of Near Eastern Studies and share a meal or a coffee.

COVID-19 caveat

In order to participate in this program, per UC policy, proof of vaccination status is required. Because of the ongoing presence of COVID-19, some activities may be adjusted to accommodate safe practices. 

Any questions, please contact Barbara Van Nostrand: bvannost